Sporlac Powder


Composition :

Each Delayed Release Vegetarian Capsule is composed of NLT -2.5 Billion CFU of

ñ  Oxalobacter formigenes

ñ  Lactobacillus acidophilus

ñ  Lactic acid bacillus

ñ  Bifidobacterium lactis and

ñ  Fructo-oligosaccharides [FOS] 100 mg 

Indication :

Assists in treatment of Hyperoxaluria, Primary & Enteric and also to Prevent the incidence

of Hyperoxaluria in patients suffering from complicated UTI 

Mechanism of Action:

O formigenes is a facultative anaerobic bacteria normally found primarily in the colon, and it digests oxalate within the intestinal tract and relies exclusively on the metabolism of oxalate in the colon for energy. O.formigenes has a membrane-associated oxalate-formate antiporter (OxIT) that mediates the exchange of oxalate (entry) and formate (export). The activities of two enzymes are required to metabolize oxalate to formate and CO2: formyl-CoA transferase (frc) transfers CoA from formyl-CoA to oxalate to form  oxalyl-CoA plus formate, and then oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase (oxc) converts oxalyl-CoA to formyl-CoA plus CO2 Lactic acid bacteria, [L.acidophilus,Lactic acid bacillus & B.lactis]

have a direct degradation activity on oxalates in the GIT. 

Adverse Effects:

As Probiotic bacteria of natural origin, there are no known adverse effects recorded as these agents have been classified as GRAS [Generally Recommended as Safe] by FDA


10 x 10 Capsules per Box


1 Vegetarian Capsule B.I.D. before meals or as advised by the Physician




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